How to tweak Chrome browser for Max Speed and Performance

You must be well aware of Google chrome and for most of us uses Google Chrome, it is the best browser you can have.

Google Chrome is one of the best and high-speed browsers and as far as we think that it does not need any tweaks but there are some tweaks that speed up your Google chrome.  

With the help of this tweak, you can browse at blazing speed. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to tweak the Chrome browser for Max speed and performance.

AdBlock Plus:

You must be well aware about Ad Block Plus in Firefox, it is one of the most downloaded add-ons on Firefox it’s blocked all the ads.

Now, this extension is also available in Google Chrome which blocks all ads and increases your browsing speed. You can also keep a white list of allowed websites via a configuration panel.

To know much about AdBlock Plus or to download it check the link provided below.

You can download Ad Block Plus extension from here.

Flash Block:

Flash Block is another extension provide by chrome which blocks the flash ads or unwanted flash contents.

You can also manage a white list of allowed websites via a configuration panel. To know much about Flash Block and download it check the link provided below.

Download Flash Block from here.

Clean Up Browser:

While you are browsing the website the data of website gets stored on the local storage on your local disk, so after some time cache size increase and your browser start hanging and your browsing speed declines.

So keep in mind to always lean up browser history and files to maintain your browser’s speed.

Use Basic Theme:

You might have often seen that many of the people customize the Google chrome like applying a theme and due to so much of customization of chrome browser slows your browser load time.

So if you have applied any customization to your browser then we will recommend you use the basic theme for chrome for high, better, and smooth performance.

Update chrome:

You must know that updated aversion or the new product have some added features in it so we will recommend to you always update your chrome.

Google chrome checked updates automatically if there any updates available chrome will notify you but if you want to do this manually you can do it by clicking on the wrench icon and then click on about Google chrome.

A window is pop up that keeps checking for updates automatically.

Disable unwanted function’s:

In Google Chrome there are lots of unwanted functions like javascript, java, and unwanted extension you can manage all this function as you want.

To do so you have to click on the wrench icon on Google chrome right-hand side on the top of your chrome browser.

You just have to click on the wrench icon then click on the option and then you have to click on under the hood then click on Content setting. A window will pop up then set these parameters according to your needs.

  • If you have slow internet then you can choose don’t show images to browse faster.
  • You can also choose to Don’t allow javascript runs on your browser to browse fast
  • Disable unwanted plugins or completely remove them if you don’t need them because each plugin takes some amount of memory which can affect your browsing.
  • Choose Do not allow pop up it prevents you from pop up ads

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